Freelance contract: What is it and what is it for?

freelance contract

In general terms, a contract is a pact between two parties which stipulates certain obligations and rights that must be fulfilled reciprocally, likewise, we understand that a freelance collaborator is one who works independently or autonomously, now, this does not mean that the freelance collaborator walks around the company without limits or rules, quite the contrary! The freelance collaborator has described in detail his tasks and guidelines even long before starting his work. This begs the question: What is a freelance contract and what is it for?  We will see.

Nowadays, companies have developed a taste for requesting specific results from their collaborators when executing a project, and it is there where those who do it under the freelance modality are present. Being freelance in Colombia opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of the companies in which you can work, since this modality allows you to be present in several companies simultaneously. If you are a company and you use this modality, you will be able to have in less time and cost, several projects at the same time.

What is a freelance contract?

The freelance contract helps you to avoid having a bad time with your collaborators or as a collaborator, it is important to be clear about the details and conditions of the work to be done and this is achieved by establishing the parameters of the labor contract. Freelance contracts are useful for both parties involved to be clear about the details and limits of the contract, so it is essential that it contains, at least, the following information

Fees and rates:

Both parties will have in mind from the outset, the money they will disburse or receive upon completion of the work.

Delivery dates:

As a collaborator you will be able to plan in detail the execution of the work to be done.

Duration of the contract:

This point provides mutual trust, since the duration of the project is known from the beginning. It brings certainty to the execution, since it reduces the risk, for both parties, of extending delivery dates, both of information on the part of the contractor and of the final result on the part of the collaborator.

Time planning:

Being a freelance collaborator you will have the opportunity to execute several contracts at the same time without losing sight of any of them. And from the contractor’s view, you can execute simultaneous contracts efficiently.

Clear contacts:

When starting a project you must establish who will be the source and receiver of the information, so both parties will have the certainty that the information shared is accurate and the risk of misunderstandings and re-processing is minimized.

¿What is a freelance contract for?

What is a freelance contract for?

In short, the freelance contract is the roadmap used during the execution of a project, both for the contractor and the collaborator, helping to establish prior to its development: duration, limits, obligations of the parties, costs and payments in terms of amounts and deadlines. It also helps to generate a part of confidence in the elaboration of the work, the contractor will know that what he requested will be done in the time and characteristics required and will start with established costs and the collaborator will know what he must do, how he must do it and how much he will receive for it.

To conclude, we can add that the freelance contract provides transparency to contracting processes and execution of projects, thus achieving fluidity in the development of specific jobs that require experience and knowledge that is not available within the company, making internal collaborators to fully develop their functions helping the company to meet the proposed objectives.

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