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The definition of Web Design and Web Development have very divided opinions, for some they are the same or should be done by the same person and for others they are two different worlds; none of these is totally true or incorrect, because these two professions are indeed different but they should be connected in such a way that they end up looking like one.

Web Design has to do with all the aesthetic and UX (user experience) aspects of a website and Web Development is about the architecture and internals of a website.

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Types of Websites

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This type of website will allow you to sell your products without any limits, increasing the possibilities of reaching new customers and with multiple payment methods that adapt to your business model.


Corporate website

If your company offers services, this is the perfect type of website.
Through an integral design and effective communication tell your client what your services are, and why your company is the best option.

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If you are passionate about writing and want to get out of anonymity, you are about to make the best decision. Publishing your articles on your own blog will grow your personal brand and generate better empathy with your readers.


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Although the term is from the academic sector, this type of website is very functional for those companies that provide training services, even for those that sell products that require prior training for their use. Automate your processes and avoid cost overruns.

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Landing Page

It is your best ally for capturing data from those people who interact with your brand or company, in any digital platform (websites, social networks, email, among others), they are adapted to any sector and you can promote them through paid campaigns. You imagine it and our freelance web designer materializes it.

Web design is the reflection of your company, don’t limit yourself in the details.
Do you want to start and don’t know how?

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How do we create a website?

How web design benefits you

1. Greater possibility of attracting new customers.
2. It is a customer service channel that is available 24/7.
3. It generates greater credibility.
4. It allows you to publicize your services and products without geographical limits.
5. Through your website and the different web analytics tools you can develop marketing strategies based on real data and measure them.
6. Keep your customers informed without cost overruns.
7. From any device with internet connection they can visit your company.

Frequently asked questions about freelance web design

The security certificate or https is a data transfer protocol that, unlike http, encrypts the data in such a way that it travels more securely to the server. For Google the security of the website and especially of the users, is one of the parameters to evaluate for the ranking of the website, so it is considered important for SEO.

The time it takes to develop a Web Site is directly related to the type of Web Site and the amount of content it will have; however, a corporate Web Site can take between 2 and 3 weeks, and an e-commerce Web Site can take from 6 to 10 weeks. These times are contemplated from the moment 0 of the project.

The famous CMS, when you start to venture into the great universe of Digital Marketing you start to hear a lot of terms and names, one of them and very important if we talk about Websites is the CMS.

The CMS is the content management system; that is, it is the system or program that will allow us to manage the content of our Web Site. The most common CMS are WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, Joomla! and Drupal, I will not tell you which one is better than the other because each one has different attributes that make them the most used, the decision of which one to use will depend on the needs you have for your Web Site.

Of course you can! One of our goals is to give you a manageable website in which you don’t have to depend on a Webmaster for content updates, for this we will deliver a 40 minutes video-training.

Undoubtedly this is one of the biggest concerns of all those who already have their website but the results are not as expected. The first thing you should keep in mind when hiring a website creation service is that it is delivered with the basic optimization so that the website can be crawled by Google robots. It is important to clarify that the Web Designer or Web Developer will not be able to guarantee the first positions in the search results, since this work is done by an SEO Consultant with organic positioning strategies.