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Search Engine Optimization refers to the strategies proposed by an SEO consultant to place a Web site organically in the top results of search engines; in other words, SEO is the optimization of a Web site based on search engines and the way they read a Web site, which is not very far from how visitors would do it.

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SEO as a strategic investment for your business

The SEO strategy cannot be detached from the company’s objectives, on the contrary, it works towards achieving them. SEO will not only help us to position our website in terms of keywords, it also gives greater authority by having a better site architecture and ordering the information in a clear way for visitors.

Likewise, SEO allows you to reach the desired customer segment and make the CTR of searches improve, generating higher conversions within the Web Site.

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How will an SEO consultant help you?

Expert SEO Consulting Services

Let’s get to know each other first – SEO Analysis

A good SEO Consultant will never dare to carry out a strategy without first conducting a technical analysis of the website. This validates the CMS on which the website is built, the general architecture of the website, inventory of URL’s and an organic research to know the keywords positioned, as well as reviewing the current status against the competition and the objectives of the website. Having a clearer picture, let’s get to work…

Tidy up the house – On-page SEO

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We will start by organizing, solving or improving the problems detected in the initial audit. The most common are 404 errors (missing URL’s), duplicate titles and meta descriptions, uncrawlable sites, loading delays, among others. Once the general optimization of the website is finished, we focus on the content (quantity – quality), implementation of headers, connection of internal links and navigation levels without affecting or radically changing the functioning of the website.

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Who finds us and how do they find us? – SEO Off-page

Through a strategy of creating external links, guest post and press releases we will give more visibility to our website in order to increase the authority and exposure to crawlers. The links must be aligned with the Keywords previously selected to achieve the goal of climbing positions in search engines and be relevant in the sector.

Let’s see what’s going on -Tracking and results

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In SEO everything is measurable, which helps us to analyze if what we are doing is working or we should rethink the strategy, for this we use platforms like Google Analytics and Search Console where we can see the progress of the website, giving the client a general report on the status of the keywords and impact on visits through the organic channel.

When you hire an SEO specialist, you are paying for something that will last over time and you will receive more than what you invested.

Colectivo Freelance
is an “SEO agency”?

If we go into detail in Colectivo Freelance we have SEO director, SEO consultant, SEO analyst (strategy and competition) and SEO content generator; that is, we could say that we are an SEO agency in Colombia, but we are not.

Let’s go slowly, in colectivo freelance we offer services very similar to those of a digital marketing agency or seo agency, the main difference is our working method. our team is 100% freelance, which allows us to have a wide range of professionals willing to work on projects for your company.

For the rest you should not worry, being freelance does not detract from the commitment and quality of our work, on the contrary, our way of working allows us to collaborate with seo agencies in Colombia and international digital marketing agencies.

SEO agency: everything you need to know before hiring an SEO agency

Frequently asked questions SEO

SEO is important because it can improve a website’s online visibility and increase its organic traffic, which can lead to greater exposure and business opportunities.

It is difficult to answer this question in a closed way, because the needs of each website or company are different and depend on external factors related to the sector in which they are, however, we will talk about two moments in which the accompaniment of a Seo consultant will be of great help.

  1. When migrating the website it is important that a Seo Consultant accompanies this process because the migration can generate significant losses in terms of positioning and visits, migrating a website incorrectly can mean starting from scratch talking about the Seo positioning of the website.
  2. From the development of the Web site it is ideal to have the accompaniment of a Seo consultant; however, it is understandable that when you are just starting the economic resources are reduced; for this it is suggested to hire only the service of the website architecture consulting, this way you will avoid over costs in the future when you realize that your website is visibly very nice but is not capturing the expected visits.

If you want to know a little more about the factors that you should take into account when hiring an SEO consultant we invite you to watch the following video (video reference How to hire an SEO?).

The estimated time in which you will start to see the results of the proposed Seo strategy is 4 months; however, this is a reference time to which great Seo specialists have arrived, because the time may vary according to the following aspects; level of competition, economic sector and search volume of the Keywords.

An effective SEO strategy is one that takes into account the needs and objectives of the business, as well as current search engine trends and algorithms. It should be a comprehensive approach that encompasses technical, content and link optimization, as well as the generation of high quality content and the acquisition of quality links.

You can choose the right keywords for your website by researching searches related to your niche and their relevance to your site. You can also use keyword research tools to identify the most popular and relevant keywords for your site.

SEO is one of the branches of digital marketing that has been changing and evolving over the last few years. Currently search engines give greater relevance, and therefore better position, those websites that communicate valuable information to their customers; this means that to improve our positioning we must consider the generation of content by experts in the field.

When you are starting in the world of digital marketing it is usual to confuse these two terms, Seo and Sem, we share with you three key differences between these positioning strategies:

  1. Seo refers to the organic positioning of a website within search engines, on the other hand, Sem is the positioning of the website through paid ads.
  2. The results of a Sem campaign are more immediate as they are paid, but they will always depend on the budget you have for the campaign, the results in Seo take longer to be reflected, but they are maintained in the long term.
  3. Sem strategies are more effective in stationary campaigns, for fixed or branding campaigns Seo strategies will be more effective.

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