Content marketing in digital strategy

Content marketing has been appearing as the algorithms of search engines and other digital platforms have become more demanding; however, it is a concept or practice that has been talked about for more than 10 years. Currently it is not enough to simply be present in different digital media, you must have an active presence and provide valuable content for your customers or visitors. But content marketing is not only based on writing and to understand more about it, let’s see; What is content marketing? In what areas of digital marketing is it found? and Why is it so important?

¿What is content marketing?

It is a practice based on the creation of content that attracts, entertains and gives value to your buyer person or potential customer. In order to start a content marketing plan, it is essential to be clear about the following:

  1. Who is your buyer person?
  2. What kind of content does your buyer person consume?
  3. In which platform(s) do you find your buyer person?

By understanding these three points you will be able to start elaborating the different type of content you will need for each stage of your sales funnel.

Content marketing will help you in the recognition and positioning of your brand, so that when your customer is in the consideration stage you have a better chance of being among their buying options.

“Customers today need brands and companies that talk to them, that understand them and meet their needs, beyond the economic factor.”

What areas of digital marketing are you in?

Within digital marketing we find different branches, such as:

  • Website.
  • SEO – Blog.
  • SEM.
  • Social Media.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Digital platforms.

As we mentioned at the beginning, content marketing is not only based on written content, it can be images, videos, podcasts, even infographics; and that is why we can work in all branches of digital marketing, this way you will not only have an active presence on the Internet, you are generating a community that recognizes and trusts you.

Why is it so important?

Thanks to its planning and objectives, it allows us to give our brand or company its own voice, regardless of the channel or branch we are using, it will allow our buyer person to identify us and create trust in him, making us not just another service or product provider, but an advisor who really accompanies him and understands what he needs and when he needs it. Additionally, it allows us to keep track of the actions we are carrying out and evaluate which are more effective with our clients, with which they feel more identified and what type of content they enjoy the most.

Do not worry about publishing every day, it is better to publish once a week but that this post is really important for your customer, filling it with empty content can generate a bad experience and make you lose customers.

Tell us in what branches of marketing you are working and what is or are the best format(s) for you.

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